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OnSite Repair Services for IBM, HP, DELL and LENOVO servers - Lima, Peru

SEPTIPE has many years of experience diagnosing and repairing servers from DELL, IBM and HP.  As network installers we know server technology and we know how critical to your infrastructure they are; we work on most Workgroup, MidRange and Enterprise servers.  Servers are not typical computers and companies like IBM, DELL and HP include a lot of features for optimization, diagnosis, redundancy, fault tolerance, maintenance and others.  We have experience with all the tools and software utilities provided by these companies to help you in all of your server repair needs.  We provide OnSite as well as In-Shop repair services in Lima, Peru


Before a server can be put online and in service it needs to be configured.  Servers are not like personal computers and need to be configured according to the hardware, operating system and software that will run on them.  additionally. servers need to be configured according to the function and load they will carry; the power the server must have depends on the task it will be setup to do and the quantity of users it will need to serve.  SEPTIPE can help you determine the best server configuration for your needs and also has the technical staff with the expertise necessary to configure and put the server online for you.

Servers are designed to provide services to a community of users and when something goes wrong with them the entire company can be impacted.  The problems that may arise can sometimes be difficult to diagnose: is it a hardware or software problem?  To diagnose your network and server issues you need engineers that are well versed in the hardware as well as the software that runs on your servers.  We have engineers with the knowledge and experience you need to work on such critical components of your network.  We serve the entire Metropolitan area of Lima, Peru.


Servers are design the be online 24hrs a day and because of that the life expentancy of a typical server is relatively short.  To extend the life of your servers and of your investment it is important to perform regular maintenance on them to remove dust, to check fans, to run diagnostics and find possible component failures etc.,etc.  SEPTIPE puts at your disposal technicians who specialize on server technology and can stop by to perform regular maintenance.  We recommend performing regular maintenance on servers at least once a year if not twice a year, depending on the enviroment the server lives in.  

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