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Linux Platform


Besides Operating Systems for servers, networks, and desktops, the linux platform offers a great many other systems/software to solve many needs for small, medium and large enterprise businesses.  For example, the linux environment offers solutions for creating databases, hosting web sites and for providing crritical services such as e-mail to your user community.


Apache is the standard in the world for hosting web sites.  Most of the web sites you visit today are most likely hosted in an Apache server.  MySQL on the other hand is a Data Base Management system that can help businesses create all kinds of databseses to collect all kinds of data related to their business such as databases of employees, clients, sales, accounting and many others.  Apache and MySQL are widely used together to create web sites with databases to allow for e-commerce.  Many of today's online stores use these two systems in combination to host their web sites and create online stores where people can go a shop online.


ISPCONFIG is a platform that allows for the administration and maintenance of Linux Operating systems such as UBUNTU and CentOS servers directly from a web browser like Firefox, Chrome and others.  ISPCONFIG comes with many features to provide services and secure your server. ISPCONFIG comes bundled with APACHE, MySQL and even PostFix to provide e-mail to your user community.  To secure your server ISPCONFIG includes fail2ban, anti virus, anti spam and others.

SEPTIPE Peru offers onsite installation, maintenance and tech support services for linux networks in Lima, Peru.  

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