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Linux Operating Systems Lima, Peru

Operating Systems based on the Linux Kernel are very popular in Peru and most small and medium size businesses benefit tremendously from the fact that these operating systems are completely free.  The most widely used versions include Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian.  The Linux platform has come a long way and it is now recognized as a secure, stable and feature rich platform for business purposes.  The growth of the Linux environment in the last few years has been extremely robust, so much so that now all the big players like IBM, DELL, HP, Microsoft and others support the Linux platform. 

SEPTIPE specializes in the installation and maintenance of Ubuntu and CentOS Servers/networks in Lima, Peru.  We provide onsite repair services anywhere in the Lima Metro Area.  Do you need a network and have decided to use Ubuntu or CentOS server technology?  We can help you setup Web Servers, E-Mail servers, Proxy Servers, Database servers, Data Centers, and others.

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