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All Business computer networks need to implement a comprehensive Security Strategy to protect their data, investment and assets.  With today's level of hacking, new viruses, and corporate espionage, security systems are a must.  Fortunately, SEPTIPE has a team of well trained Security Experts that can help you design and implement the technology necessary to protect your information.  We use only tried and tested technology from companies like Cisco, SonicWall, Fortinet, Watchguard and others to make sure your data is safe and protected.


Security for your network begins with your comunications equipment since all your data coming in or going out must pass thru these devices in order to reach its destination.  Your Routers, Modems, UTM appliances and others, need to have the latest security technology to stop your sensitive data from being stolen and to protect your inside network from hackers, new generation of viruses (i.e. ransomware, Wannacry), and other online threats.  We use only tried and tested trechnology from Cisco Meraki, SonicWALL, FORTINET, WatchGuard, Barracuda and others with adaptive technology that allows the devices to adjust to new methods of hacks and attacks coming from the internet. 


Microsoft Server technology is the standard for Business Networks.  There is simply no better platform.  Most businesses rely on Microsoft Windows Server to provide for most of the services their company requires.  What makes Microsoft Windows servers better than other platforms is that Microsoft designed their systems from the ground up specifically for commercial purposes, for running businesses of any size.  But being the standard in the industry comes with a price and as such, windows servers are often the most targeted systems by hackers.  However, the good news is that Microsoft has developed plenty of security systems and tools to protect their technology, your data and your investment.    Your Microsoft Windows Domains can be secured, and if properly configured and maintained, your data is safe.  With Microsoft Windows Servers you can secure your core services, your servers, your data and even your desktops.  SEPTIPE puts at your disposal Microsoft Certified MCSE engineers that can help you design, install and maintain your Microsoft Windows Domains.  Here are some of the things we can help you do to secure your network:

  • Secure Your Active Directory - Review and ammend default security settings; implement principles of least privilege in AD Roles and Groups; apply strong Privileged Access Management (PAM); use real-time windows auditing and alerting; Ensure Active Directory Backup and Recovery; Vulnerability Patching and others.
  • Secure Core Services - Protect your DHCP and DNS from attacks
  • Secure Remote Access - Make use of Network Policy Servers (NPS); RADIUS Server; RADIUS Proxy; RADIUS Accounting
  • Encrypt your Data - Make use of Microsoft Rights Management Server (RMS) to encrypt your most important data.  With RMS you can Restrict access to your company's intelectual data; limit the actions users can perform on content; Limit the risk of content being exposed outside your organization.
  • Secure your users data and Desktop Environments - Make use of User Profiles; Make use of GPOs

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