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E-Mail services are considered critical by most businesses.  The e-mail service needs to be up and running 100% of the time.  There are several ways to solve this critical need.  On the one hand you can have the services hosted by a provider, which comes with some advantages, especially for the small business.  By hosting your e-mail services, your provider becomes resposible for making sure the service is up 100% of the time;  they also become responsible for support and maintenance of the servers and the infraestructure needed to provide the services.  additionally, the provider is also resposible for security and backup/recovery services.  This is ideal for a small business because by outsouring the service they save money on the server hardware and software, and the services needed to support the systems.  But this solution is good only for a small business since the price of the hosting service depends on the amount of users and the amount of resources (such as disk space, bandwidth and others) is used. The more users you have the more resources you use and therefore the higher the price.  At some point the hosting service is no longer a viable solution.  In these cases you have the option of providing this critical service by developing your own in-house e-mail system.  

SEPTIPE Peru can help you solve your e-mail needs by outsourcing the service with us or by letting our team of engineers develop, support, monitor and maintain your own in-house e-mail solution.  We use only tried and tested e-mail server technology such as Microsoft Exchange or Zimbra.  We have Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSE+Exchange 2016) specialized in Exchange Servers ready to be of assistance to you.  We are here to help, don't hesitate to call or write to us.  

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