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for IT Networks to work and perform in a stable manner they need to have certain services that are considered basic, in the sense that they are services needed and networks cannot do without.  In fact, some of these services are also considered critical and need to be operational at all times, such as Disaster Recovery (Backups), E-Mail services, DataBase Management Systems (Accounting, Payroll, Sales etc.), Security, Maintenance/Support services and others.  A well designed network must include these services from the very beginning.  It doesn't matter whether you are a small one man company or a large global enterprise, these needs must be taken into account.  Fortunately, SEPTIPE Peru has talented engineers that can provide you with all these services and more.  So whether you are a small one man company or a large enterprise, we got you covered!

SEPTIPE Peru wants to become your onestop source for all your IT needs in Lima, Peru.  We will work hard for you and we will be available 24/7 for whenever you need us.  We want to be there with you as you succeed because we know that your success means our success.  


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