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Citrix is well known for providing Virtualization and Cloud Based solutions.  Their Virtualization platforms are secure, stable and robust.  Citrix is also a very popular and less expensive alternative to VMWare.  The Citrix Hypervisor, formerly known as XenServer, is free and with it you can virtualize Windows Server, Linux Servers and others.  Citrix is very compatible and can run on server hardware from IBM, DELL, HP and others.


Citrix XenApp allows different hardware and operating system platforms to run the same applications regardless of what platform these applications are created for.  Many corporations use a variety of solutions from differente platforms that need to co-exist in their IT Networks.  For instance, nowadays is hard to find corporations that don't have users running other operating systems besides Windows.  In Enterprise environments you will find users running Apple, Linux, Unix and other platforms.  As many people already know, popular applications such as Microsoft Office only run in Windows, but what if your company wanted all of its users to use Microsoft office to create their documents?  This is what Citrix allows you to do.  With Citrix you can have your users running Apple MACs, Linux, Android and other platforms, use the same applications to create their documents.  While Citrix XenApp allows you to run applications accross different platforms, XenDesktop allows you to run entire desktop environments.  SEPTIPE Peru has engineers with many years of experience installing and maintaining Citrix Solutions. 

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